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“Now this is eternal life: that they may know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent. ” – John 17:3 (NIV)
(Better start getting to know the WORD!!)


1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was in the beginning with God. 3 All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. (John 1:1-3 NKJV)”

4 And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth. (John 1:14 NKJV)”

“11 Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war. 12 His eyes were like a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns. He had a name written that no one knew except Himself. 13 He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God. 14 And the armies in heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean, followed Him on white horses. 15 Now out of His mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it He should strike the nations. And He Himself will rule them with a rod of iron. He Himself treads the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. 16 And He has on His robe and on His thigh a name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. (Revelation 19:11-16 NKJV)”


  • If the Holy Bible, the Judeo Christian Bible with the “Old” Testament and “New” Testament is considered one of the MOST important books of all time shouldn’t you know this Book cold or at least read it once??!
  • Know the Truth, the Truth will set you free
  • Learn directly from God Almighty, your Maker
  • Get to know God Personally, as a Person, God the Father and God the Son
  • Secrets are revealed to you while spending time with God in His Word
  • Discover how this amazing Bible reading system allows you to learn and understand the Bible fast, the entire bible.  This system of rapid, volume learning originated from a discovery by a principle musician of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra of 27 years passed down to me. I then translated the concept to reading which has proven extremely effective in absorbing and understanding large volumes of information.
  • Find out that the answers to your questions from one part of the Bible are often found in other parts of the Bible – Access these answers to your Bible questions through our Bible Reading Plan by doing our Bible Reading System
Know the WORD Bible Reading Plan (3X/1yr) Testimonial: “Like a lot of people who call themselves “Christians”, I always thought the Bible was a great thing to “reference” when I was in church – but I never actually sat down and read it from cover to cover. Actually, it wasn’t until a friend of mine kept challenging.. and challenging.. and CHALLENGING me to do it – that I finally sat down and made the decision to get on the reading plan. At first I had to force myself to do it – but after a while, it got to be like a glass of clod water to a guy who just walked out of the desert.Now, over a year later – I’m on my 4th time through the Bible- and I can’t even put into words the changes this has made in my life. There is truly NO SUBSTITUTE fore spending QUALITY time – every day – in the Word. I’ve still got a LONG way to go- but getting on the Bible reading plan has – and IS one of the smartest decisions I’ve EVER made. It has affected EVERY area of my life unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I owe a debt to gratitude that can never be repaid to the person who “forced” me to do it. Thanks Chris.” Virgil K. Florida.

Welcome to Know the!

Hello Friend,


I would like to briefly introduce this site to you.  This site can help change your life, dramatically, for the better.  You’ll learn how to:

  • Get right with God your Maker!  Finally get that settled.  You know this has been bothering you and really its your, our responsibility has humans, created beings to get right with our Creator
  • Experience true personal evolution:  the kind of evolution that turns you into a powerful and holy being.  The process is similar to what a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly, although we can become much more than a butterfly!  You will evolve into something “super” by following the instructions in this Book called the Bible.
  • The ultimate “Success Manual”: This life is a stage, a race, a competitive event, a challenge: discover how to overcome this challenge and win.  For those who overcome incredible rewards, joy, freedom and success awaits.
  • You know probably already know by now that the crowd is almost always wrong.  Once you get through our Bible reading plans you’ll be able to “see behind the scenes” of this life and see how the vast majority of the world is way off the mark.
  • You’ll finally be able to understand what the various world religions and denominations are all about, why they do what they do and why they get off track.
  • The starter 3 times in one year plan will “clean your clock” it will cleanse you out.  You’ll be shocked how far you’ve drifted from God.  And then you’ll realize how important it is to keep repeating the plan!  It’s only 30 to 40 minutes a day.  Surely you can devote that time to helping you set up Total Success for Eternity!

Know the is a very important site with a very important cause:

The cause of the site:

1. We’ve been given a gift and we’re obligated to share that same gift.

2. We want you to know the real deal, the real truth about God and the Bible, the bottom line facts, the knowledge and understanding on how to:

A. Get into Heaven for sure so you can know you are going, be happy and stop worrying.

B. Enter into Heaven well with God’s approval while being richly rewarded eternally.  Or in other words:  help get you on an eternal wealth building plan – wealth that lasts!

3. We want you to Know God and Jesus the Messiah, His Son, personally because:  1. It’s the most awesome, powerful, rewarding, exciting, fulfilling and fun thing that there is to do on this planet.  2. It’s the right thing to do since after all, They made you and have given you the opportunity for life now and the opportunity for an awesome life later!  3. It’s a really bad idea to not know the LORD, the Father and Son.

4. We want you to stop making humans or religious organizations your ‘teachers” because it’s not right.   Whaaa? That sounds strange doesn’t it.  I’ll tell you a “secret” hidden in the Bible:  God loves our attention, enthusiasm for Him and our genuine love that evolves out of spending time with Him, pursuing Him.  God wants no proxy for you He wants you personally!  Isn’t that neat!  I think it’s great and exciting.  Hence as the Bible says:

You have only one Teacher and He is the Messiah, Jesus (“ Nor are you to be called ‘teacher,’ for you have one Teacher, the Christ. Matthew 23: 10)  Religious organizations, parents, friends, siblings, pastors, preachers, priests… are not your Teachers, they are at best Teacher assistance or supplemental information sources (and they can be very helpful at times!).  Your Teacher is Christ Jesus PERSONALLY.

And Jesus is God, synergized with the Father and Holy Spirit.  I know that’s a super tough concept to understand.  But as you go through the Bible in volume between Old Testament and New Testament you’ll see Jesus all over the old testament and intertwined with the Father in voice and conversation.

You get your teaching by reading the Word and reading the Word A LOT (which is why our volume reading plans work so well) which is also knowing the Word, who is Jesus while reading the instructions and commands of Jesus directly and… while receiving instruction through your fellowship (‘hanging out, spending time with…’)  and prayer to Jesus, the Father directly, through direct communication with the Holy Spirit on your “insides” for those of you who have already been born again. (if you haven’t been born again you need to get born again and fast! see this page Born Again or this page Salvation Blueprint  

The number One purpose of this site is for you is to literally break through, break those shackles that bind your humanity,  your soul, get past the misinformation, lies, ignorance and show you how to ultimately achieve permanent joy, happiness, everlasting wealth, everlasting friends – people who love you and whom you will love, and the love and approval of your Heavenly Father, your creator, your maker, your actual Father, the original Father and your Brother, the First Brother, the Son of God who is also God the Son through Whom you were made and without Him nothing was made. (John 1:1-3)

Well, in summary of the previous paragraph:  We’ve found a “secret”, what seems like a secret in today’s world, and that’s “secret” is found in the Holy Judeo-Christian Bible.  And you only get to the “secret” by reading the Word, over and over, getting to Know the WORD very well!

If salvation – which is eternal life in Heaven by entering the family of God – comes from knowing the Father and Jesus Chris whom the Father has sent (John 17: 3) then you simply need to know the Father and Jesus.  How do you do that?

Fortunately, God has given us His Word in the Bible. If you have any doubts in that – and maybe someone told you something to make you doubt for whatever reason – you can simply prove the Bible and sense if it is real or not by reading the Bible!   That’s what I did folks!  Back in the summer of 1995, after 26 years of being told that I’m ‘not supposed to Believe the Bible, or take it ‘literally’ or that I’m ‘not supposed to interpret the Bible on my own’ (which sounded like a scam to me at the time and still does) I picked up the Bible and read the whole Bible THROUGH – from page one!

I figured with logic,  “Gee, if this was one of the most important books of all time I should read it!”.  “I want see if I can find out what happens after you die to the point that my insides confirm what’s right and true.  My insides are compelling me to find out logically and emotionally.  Heaven sounds like a good deal.  Hell sounds really bad.  I definitely want to get into Heaven. So I really need to know what the Bible says, itself vs. everyone’s conflicting, weak ‘interpretations’ of it.”   So I read the Bible and I was STUNNED, scared in fact after realizing how clueless I was before!

One of the first things that stood out  midway through the Old Testament was that I was SHOCKED to know that God had FEELINGS and we could actually hurt His feelings! I became deeply disturbed because I had been ignoring God all of this time.

Then I was floored to find out that all I’ve been taught was WAY off from what the Bible was saying and my religion actually used parts of the Bible in it’s services!!  Ultimately I was SHAKEN up on the soul level – not just the hear/emotional level which can often be deceiving/deceived – but the SOUL LEVEL, the level from which you know right from wrong.

Then I learned that I, you can communicate DIRECTLY with God Almighty and that it was a very good thing to do so because: ” for, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.””  Rom 10:13  Yes!  I cried out directly to God, my Maker one night and asked Him to show me “how to become one of His children” and He answered me!  Then he did mini miracle after mini miracle for me on the personal level leading me to finally believe on Jesus with my heart to be bornagain and enter the family of God!  It was AWESOME! (and once you’re bornagain the Father and Son come into you, yes it’s amazing!!, and you get the know the Lord from your insides!  And He’ll communicate with your as your reading the Bible unveiling it’s powerful secrets layer by layer!   You’ve gotta ask God for this if you haven’t yet!!  It’s the most awesome experience I’ve ever had.)


On the global scale…

I feel that the world is suffering and lives are being ruined when they don’t have to be.    I feel that the foundation of global society can be strengthened if not rebuilt and made strong with: lives and souls saved, genuine prosperity abound, much greater happiness and joy, strong committed families  in all countries – a drastic reduction in:  poverty, disease, violence, hate, murder, sexual transgression, economic waste, fraud and crime in general…all through first learning and Knowing the WORD.  The WORD of GOD in print and in Person as revealed in the “Old Testament” and the “New Testament” Judeo Christian Bible.

And for those who think they can fix this world on their own efforts, their own discipline, their own laws and their own enforcement – they are sadly mistaken.  The sin nature that man has received ever since Adam and Eve at from the tree of good and evil can not be overcome by man.  It is way too powerful.  And infact it is designed to be that way.  The ONLY way a human, a people, a city a state a country can overcome evil, their sin nature is to get to know God, turn to Him, love Him (you’ll love Him once you get to know Him) and follow Him.   If you really think about it, those are the reasons we were created in the first place.  If you didn’t know that you’ll soon find out as you venture into your first time through the Bible on the 3 Times in One Year Bible Reading Plan. So get excited!  You’re about to figure out “how life works” and become very smart, wise.

Let’s become superheroes…

You know, once you become filled with God, the knowledge and wisdom of God by knowing the Word and then doing what the Bible says you are going to have POWER.  Once you believe upon Christ, Jesus and receive the Holy Spirit you will have God and the Power of God within you!  Never underestimate the power of God and what He can do through you. You’ll see what I’m talking about after you’re bornagain.

Ok.  So I have an idea for a starting plan to literally ‘save the world’.  We have this plan, this idea to change the world by encouraging the peoples of the world to come to terms with their Maker NOW.  Turn to God, the GOD that made them and the God who knocks, knocks and knocks on the ‘door of our hearts’.

I’m talking about the GOD who made you and who has kept you alive to this very moment so we can pay attention to Him, join his Family, get to know Him, like Him and then love Him. You need to get into His Heavenly family so you can spend eternity with Him in love and worship of Him (He’s is GOD and He did make you).

And get this – I’m not trying to get you to join our church, our religion, nor do we want your money (although we will take your help).  Our newsletter above is simply to help you learn the Bible.  We give you our information, my “secrets” I’ve learned free of charge.  We were given freely so we give to you. And if the LORD wants to reward us for anything we’ll gladly take that reward!  But the bottom line here is that we’ve been given a gift while being relieved from much suffering and blessed with joy and peace and many other things.  There is no reason why you can’t experience the same.  We don’t want to see you suffer, be in doubt, worry, be unhappy…  You can be happy, at peace, spiritually rich with your needs met knowing that you’ll be in Heaven with those who actually love you (vs. those who could care less and who may actually hate you).  Plus wouldn’t you rather have good and happy people around you too?  If so then get with the program above, get bornagain through Christ and get it done now!

Being bornagain in Jesus, has worked for a several hundred million people. If you play by the rules from the ONE who made the Rules you’ll be able to succeed!   BUT YOU are going to have to deal directly, one on One, with God your  Maker, personally, talking directly to Him and asking Him your sincere questions.  This is about you and Him, God your Maker.

YOU must deal with Him, God your Maker,  personally and a religious organization or religions leader can not do it for you.  (Does that even make sense in terms of being with God for ever in heaven – is someone else going to go for  you too?  Would you have a proxy relationship with your spouse (meaning have someone else relate to your spouse for you while you go off doing whatever)?  Your parents?  Your children? Of course not!  This is about you having an actual relationship with your Maker.  It’s really awesome if you think about it.  But, as you learn the Word you’ll find out that a relationship with you is exactly what He wants!   This is so excellent!)

I’ve searched for many, many years looking for God, studying most all of the globe’s regions.  I wanted to get right with God.  I wasn’t totally sure why at the time except that I certainly didn’t want to miss out on God liking me and being in heaven.

Plus I certainly didn’t want to end up in Hell because I was too lazy to seek and find God! So I started this journey, actively from age 16 to 26.  Then one fateful day… I decided to pick up the Bible.  My life was turned upside down, or should I say right side up from that moment on… I was shocked, amazed and floored and terrified in a fantastic way!  I became super excited!   Excited maybe in a similar to a treasure hunter who found a hidden $100 million dollar stash of gold and  gems!  My sense were on FIRE and I pursued the Bible all the way to the point where I cried out, like literally, to God and said:

“God, I know deep down inside I’m not right with you and I’ve made a ton of mistakes.  But I can’t be superficial or polite any more.  I need to ask you directly, I need to know now:  AM I ONE OF YOUR CHILDREN!??”

At that moment, one of the most amazing moments in my life, I got an answer!   It was like a really strong internal impression that wasn’t necessarily a voice you hear outside with your ears but I very clearly, understood the message on my insides.  And the answer was:  “No… But…”

So IMMEDIATELY I latched on to the “But..”  and responded in total shock and awe, but directly “I will do WHATEVER it takes to become one of your children to be with you in Heaven.  I don’t care whatever I have to do God I will do it.”

After that all I got back was a feeling of a big smile and a feeling that something special was about to happen.

That day begun my  2 month journey from which my God, my Maker revealed Himself to me.   It was the most amazing time of my life, completely, utterly amazing to every molecule of my being… And finally, at the end of this three month journey I was given a Key to the house of the family of  God and was finally shown, revealed to me from the outside and on my insides at the same time how to become a child of God, to join the family of God and be with Him for ever in Heaven!

From that moment on my life was changed dramatically!    Plus I knew that I knew from the deep sense of knowing that I found what I was looking for:  Salvation to join the family of God now and after I die through what God did for me by Sending Jesus, God the Son to become a sacrifice for me so I can be covered and then become more like Him:  excellent, righteous, perfect, good and someone worthy of spending and able to be a person worthy of spending thousands and thousands of lifetimes with in Heaven.  Besides would you want to be with someone for an eternity if they don’t know you, care for you, like  you, love you?   Would you want to be around someone who uses you, is thankless to you, ignores you and could care less about if you even existed?   Think about it that way.  I sure wouldn’t!!

And all of this started by me starting to read from page ONE of the Bible.  I HIGHLY suggest you do the same.  Download a Bible plan from the links above and obtain our Bible Reading Course – Do not hesitate and take action on any inspiration while you have it – NOW!

We have three primary Bible reading plans for reading the Bible once, three or five times in a year.

But let me encourage you to start with the three time in one year plan, at lease.  You may think reading the Bible in one year is daunting, or an achievement at present… but I assure you reading the Bible only once in a year is not enough.

In order to understand how to read the Bible Three – Five times in one year see our Bible Reading System

There is too much time lag between different books of the Bible to have your questions answered efficiently (because answers to your questions from one book often come from reading another book in the Bible).  Also, the amount of time required to read the Bible in one year is so small (10, maybe 15 minutes a day) that you’re not getting a good enough fellowship time with the Lord.

Reading the Bible three times in a year and better yet, five times in a year will make you grow.  Your understanding and knowledge of the Word, of God Personally, of what He likes and dislikes, of what He instructs and commands will grow at a great (and critical, in my opinion) rate.  Once  you do this plan you will look back at life and wish you would have been doing this every year of your life before.
Click on the orange square below for the Bible Reading Plan PDF to learn our method of reading the Bible for great comprehension, retention and fellowship time with the Lord.
Read One Time a Year: Bible Reading Plan for Reading Once a Year
Bible Reading Plan Read in a Year



Read Three Times a Year: Bible Reading Plan for Reading 3 Times in a Year
Bible Reading Plan Read 3 Times a Year



Read a Book of the Bible a Day – Bible Reading Plan for 5 Times in a Year:
Bible Reading Plan Read a Book a Day


Bible Reading System – Bible Home Study Course:
Bible Reading System



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