Bible Reading System

We have developed a “System” for reading the Bible effectively, effective on all levels for increasing knowledge and understanding of the Word.  Our system also separates out verses and passages that stand out to you for your potential memorization later, alghouth you’ll likely automatically memorize many of the verses through doing our volume reading plan.

I really would like to see you do the “Book a Day” of the Bible reading plan. Once you learn how to read the Bible through our Bible Reading System which is also called out Bible Home Study Course (see the 4th orange square on the right for download) you will be able to read a book of the Bible a day with no problem.  You should be spending 30 minutes to an hour a day directly with the Lord anyways.  During this time you can get to know the Lord Personally by reading His Word over and over.  Once you start the Bible Reading Plan you’ll wish you’d had been doing this your entire life!   You will love doing these Bible reading plans which will provide you with one of the most awesome, most enjoyable and most satisfying things you can do in your life!   Try it .  You’ll see…

Every time you read the Bible a new layer of knowledge and understanding can be revealed to you.  It is NEVER boring (even the genealogies are exciting to me now), for example).  You are getting to know the All Powerful, God Almighty, Maker of you and the rest of the billions of galaxies in the cosmos.  And to think that He gave you life and now is giving you the opportunity to be His child and close friend is ridiculously awesome!  (And maybe by now you understand that you can access this direct relationship by crying out, asking God directly to show you the truth from which He reveals to you the “secret” of believing in Jesus Christ, through which you have personal access to the Father and Son, God Almighty, Who moves into you through the Holy Spirit (3rd Person of God) giving  you access to continuous fellowship and presense with God.  Awesome!)

For more detail on the Bible Reading System / the Bible Reading Course Go Here: You can download the course from the link at the bottom of  page posting.