Know The WORD Bible Reading System Home Study Course

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Know The Word Bible Reading System Home Study Course v 1.2

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  1. Introduction
  2. Principle I: Knowing the Bible is Knowing the Word, Knowing the Word is Knowing the Father and Knowing the Son. Knowing the Father and Knowing the Son is Salvation John 17…  This concept is introduced and explained how this is accomplished through volume Bible Reading. Once you know the Lord and what He says and Wants you’ll know how to ask and pray for understanding and wisdom – you’ll know what the Lord wants and what He wants from YOU. You’ll find out how to get what you want and need from the Lord that is beneficial to you and the Lord as well.
  3. Principle II: Volume Reading with Marking system lodges passages that stand out to you into your subconscious
  4. Principle III: Become Born Again if Not Already – because everything about you getting right with God and getting into Heaven starts there.
  5. Principle IV: Think Jesus, Love Jesus, Trust Jesus for everything, every decision, every need, every answer, every idea… This is called “abiding” and everything about life, a good life, a rewarded life, and eternal life starts with Jesus.  Jesus is the Gate to EVERYTHING.  You have nothing unless you start with and go through Jesus.  So let’s stop making this so hard and complicated and trust Jesus so we will do well.
  6. The Prime Bible Reading Plan:  Read a Book of the Bible a day.  Estimated average daily reading time:  35 minutes.  How to do.  How to turn into an actual habit.
  7. Keep Moving.  Mark and Go.  The underline technique.  The open circle technique.  The bracket technique.  What to mark, make note of and why.
  8. The Subconscious going to work for you.
  9. @ Inspiration
  10. Observe how you are being transformed.  Observe shift in your attitudes.
  11. Review.

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