Salvation Course

How to go to heaven – how to get into heaven, how to get right with God our maker…  has been a concept of utmost importance to humanity and rightfully so!

There have been many questions by many, even many Bible scholars.

There are many questions about various verses that deal with salvation in heaven and punishment in hell.  And the bottom line answer that you and I need to know is the answer to exactly how we can get into heaven for sure.

Well after reviewing the various available materials available today we decided to make our own course in salvation. The course in salvation is an  expression from over  14 years of experience as a bornagain along with the knowledge, experience and understanding gain from reading the Bible over and over and over according to out Bible Reading System.  The course will guide you through the various verses and concepts dealing with getting into heaven, how things work, the real meaning of life plus exactly what you need to do to get into heaven and be in a good place next to God your Maker forever!

Download our Salvation Course:  (coming soon…)