Contribute to Know the Word

Help spread the Word of the Lord to people who’ve never heard the Word and to get brothers and sisters to know the Word in Person and in Print.  Gain valuable rewards in Heaven for turning someone to the Lord to be saved and turning people to the Lord in their walks – back on track with the Lord.

For those of you who have experience with the Word you know how severely important it is to know, have knowledge and especially understanding of the Word of God.  It’s critical and essential.  Knowing the Word prevents much error (such as massive moments in error such as but not limited to:  missing out on salvation, unfruitful lives, wasted lives, bad witnesses, possible of souls going to hell because we did not take the time to Know the word, no blessings, no joy, confusion all the way to bad religion – new (false) religions to mass movements of tragedy such as the crusades, the inquisition all the way to the holocaust.

How does this all happen?  “My people perish for lack of knowledge (Isiah 5:13 / Hos 4:6) ” – the people, the believers didn’t know the Word so they were susceptible to subtle cons!   You, we will be mislead, conned by the Deceiver (devil), if you, we do not Know the Word and are consistently in the Word, fellowshipping with Christ through the Word, spending time with Him, abiding in Him…

We are looking for contributors in the following ways:

  1. Your testimonial:  Audio, Video or Print (click here to submit  yours)
  2. You doing the Bible reading plans starting with the Three times in One Year plan.
  3. Share this site with your friends!  (share rewards link)
  4. Witness – Share the message of Salvation
  5. Donate – at the moment we’re looking for SEO experts – please consider donating your skills and services or contributing financially to the funding for a professional search engine optimization company.
  6. Your ideas!  Please if you have other ideas that could help bring people to salvation by knowing the Father and the Son, knowing the Word of God – please… contact us and tell us!