Phone and Live Chat Help for Answers to Your Questions About Jesus and Getting into Heaven

There are ministries that have phone response teams and live chat lines that will answer your Bible questions and questions about what the Bible says on how to get into Heaven…

Also if your hurting, in pain, confused, frustrated – call!  These people actually want to help you.  You don’t need to sign up for anything! But take action and call.  Get help!  I did at one point and was shocked that there are actually loving and genuine people on this planet – and they made a massive impact on my life in getting right with God.

Also local Bible teaching churches can be of help – some examples:  Baptist churches are usually very good about sticking to and knowing the Bible so you can start there.  Many ‘non denominational’ Christian churches and other denominations also are Bible centered.  Charismatic churches that are serious about the Bible and producing fruit can be good plus they tend to be able to trust, believe more, show more signs and miracles.  That said, many older, institutional “Christian” denominations don’t know much about the Bible and have strayed over the years so avoid those.  Regardless, don’t worry or be afraid – you don’t have any obligation to any church and it’s their job to help you, reach out to you and lead you to the Lord with no strings attached.  But just GO and get help – you’ll be glad you did!!

Ultimately pray directly to God your Maker and ask Him for help, where to go.  Be sincere about it and you’ll be pleasantly surprised what happens from there!

  1. Billy Graham Chat Lines – Live Chat – Ask Your Questions About Jesus, Getting into Heaven and the Bible Click Here
  2. Billy Graham Live Chat in Spanish:  Talk to someone in Spanish about Getting right with God, what the Bible says about getting into Heaven (It may not be the same as what religion says about getting into Heaven!!)  Click Here for Live Chat in Spanish on How to Get into Heaven
  3. 700 CLUB HOTLINE1-800-759-0700
  4. Billy Graham Association1-877-772-4559(24-hour Christian service)
  5. National Prayer Line1-800-4-PRAYER
  6. Grace Helpline 24-hr Christian service1-800-982-8032
  7. Crossroads in Canada