Bible Reading Plan 5 Times in 1 Year – A Book a Day

Bible Reading Plan 5 Times in One Year- A Book a Dy – Right Click and “Save As” to your computer.  The plan is an Adobe PDF Document

Summary of Actions: Read a Book a Day.  Break big books up during the day or spread over two days.  If you get behind use short books to catch up.  Keep reading through. Mark points passages that stand out to you. Observe your knowledge and understanding of the Word increase dramatically.  Observe how your life begins to change.  Notice how you are becoming more powerful in the Lord.

There are 66 books in the Bible.   You will have completed reading the Bible 5 times in a year plus time to spare (35 days)

that you can use for review, research and reflection.   As you’ll learn below, the POWER in the plan is to keep reading through while marking passages that stand out to you.  Keep moving forward.  The process is indeed powerful and will enact your subconscious to help you understand these passages by connecting different parts of the Bible and through revelation by the Holy Spirit of God…  See the PDF for more!

Download Bible Reading Plan