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Submit Your Testimony

We want your testimonial, your story on how you found God through Christ, the Word.

We want to know how the Word was and is important in your life!

This is your chance to share with the world.  Your testimony will be available across the world!

Personal information: you can mention your personal information such as full name as you like or just mention your first name – it does not matter.  We and many people across the world just want to heart your heart and soul, your genuine, child like expressioned honest experience of you finding the Word, Jesus the Messiah.  We also want to know how important and why the written version of the Word is important in your life.

If you’ve never told your story this your chance.  You can use video or audio.  If you’re shy that’s great!  Use audio!  Just mentioned  your first name.  This will be a powerful experience for YOU and this will be a powerful experience for others as they hear your testimony.

Did you know that you can earn rewards in Heaven and could be bearing fruit by putting your testimony out so people can hear it across the world?   Yes.  You’ll be surprised how much if not most of the world has access to an internet connection! People can get saved through your story even!   So get on the ball and get started.  It’s super easy and it’s really fun and satisfying to tell your story.  Here I’ll paste some guideline questions below and explain how to record  your self unto your computer.

How to record yourself:

Download the very popular and well used “Audacity” voice recorder and editor.  It’s pretty easy to use.  You can even edit your recording (like, the pauses and clicks) but dragging your mouse over an area and pressing the delete button.  It’s really neat and easy!

Audio Testimonials:

The free audio recorder:   Sourceforge is a very well trusted site across the Internet.

Video testimonials:

For video recording you can use the video recording software that came with your computer camera.  Just save the file in .wmv format.

Or obtain a Flip camera video recorder or other video recording device or search for a Flip Camera at  These device make high quality video and are super easy and fun to use.

There are many video recording solutions available.  Simply make your video then save into .wmv format.

Type Out Your Testimonial:

Ok you can be old fashioned too and simply type out your testimonial… :-).   Please type out your testimonial and simply copy and paste it to us in an email through our contact page!

Video, Audio or Print Testimonials Upload:

Guideline Testimonial Questions:

Why did you have an interest in God?
Did you ever thing much about what happens after you die, about a possibility of Heaven or Hell?

Who is God?

So why should we bother trying to find God or feel right with Him?

How did you find God?
Why did you want to?
How do we get to know God?   What’s your experience?

Was there a moment when you’re life was changed?
How? Why?
What changed about it?
Did you start to like certain things better while disliking other things?
We’re you happier?  How did you feel?
What kinda benefits did you see?
How important was ‘this Bible’ for you?
Is it just a book? What makes i different?
Why is it so important?
Do you read it now? Why ?
What do you get out of it?
What does the Bible mean to you?
Why is it so important for people to know the Word?

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